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Welcome to our new Chapter Webpage!

Thanks for stopping by our new chapter website.  First allow us to tell you a little about the purpose of TDI (Therapy Dogs International) Chapters and what they do. 

TDI Chapters are an integral part of our organization.  They are not separate clubs but a local group of TDI associate members with their dogs who organize together to become a Chapter officially affiliated with TDI. 

When members visit facilities it is often more effective for them to visit as a small group.  This way many more people within the facility can be seen.  Good therapy dog work is very demanding on our dogs.  Frequent breaks are necessary so that the  dog can rest and then continue working.  Each time a person visits with a therapy dog by petting or hugging, an interaction takes place between that person and the therapy dog.  It may be very beneficial for the person being seen, but the dog gives up some energy in the process which must be recharged by periodic rests. 

Of course, each dog is different.  It is up to the handler to determine when the dog is too tired and protect it from burnout.  Visiting with a group helps the handler and the therapy dog avoid becoming overworked.  Chapters can be valuable in guiding the new TDI handlers by helping schedule visits and giving advice. 

Chapters can be important in their local communities by educating the public about therapy dog work and bringing therapy dog visits to as many people as possible who may benefit from them. 

Chapter members and their dogs can also have a lot of fun together by participating in local community events such as parades etc.

Last but not least, it is good to have a support group to fall back on.  Visitations are not always easy, and to have the help and guidance of other Chapter members can be invaluable.  To find out more about TDI, please visit our web-page: